South Perth set to soar

While we have seen a number of Perth locations take off lately including The Springs, Elizabeth Quays and Waterbank – it appears that South Perth is gunning to also boost its ratepayer numbers.

City of South Perth, CEO Cliff Frewing spoke at a recent UDIA function about the fact that the Council had approved the construction of 900 apartments over the past 18 months.

Of course top of mind is Finbar’s Civic Heart, which will feature 294 apartments on the corner of Mill Point Rd and Mends St reaching a staggering 38 storeys, on par with the QV1 building. In addition there is two more land parcels on top of that, which Finbar is developing including Aurelia (cnr Mill Pt Rd and Harper Tce) and 5-7 Harper Tce.

Plus there is a 70 apartment complex on the corner of Melville Pde and Richardson Street, a 102 apartment complex on the corner of Labouchere Rd and Charles St (Pinnacle) and 148 apartment development on the corner of Labouchere Rd and Lyall St.

Furthermore the City is undertaking a structure plan for the Canning Bridge precinct as well as looking to redevelop the Old Mill site.

Certainly South Perth has been home to high rise since the early 1990’s when Finbar started the ball rolling and while there has been a period of stagnancy it is quite clear that this is now about to change.

The good news is that there is a knock-on-effect and already other properties are changing hands including the IGA for $13.5 million. There is no doubt that all these apartment developments will therefore trigger a revitalisation for this beautiful riverside suburb.

Certainly the City has a lot to consider though as a result of this expansive growth, including its public transport needs – but regardless, this spurt of development will transform South Perth once again into a metropolis of activity and I can’t wait to see the end result!

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