Demand for apartments in Nedlands, Applecross and Victoria Park

Well this week the West Australian Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) released the results of its inaugural online survey at the UDIA Outlook breakfast.

With 359 responses (comprising of  155 owner/occupiers, 113 renters and 88 investors) the survey explored a whole range of ideas with people who have chosen to live and own apartments in WA.

Interestingly 26% of the respondents wanted to live in apartments in areas where that choice was simply not available, with the top three suburbs  nominated being Nedlands, Applecross and Victoria Park.

People were also looking for the right mix of apartments in the right location with the right amenity.

That meant they wanted to be in walking distance to pop over to the grocery store for some dinner, a bottle of wine and be able to walk to their gym and favourite cafe.

The data also showed that buyers were seeking apartments that were spacious, light and airy with particular focus on extra storage and space.

The report also acknowledged that older buyers while moving from a house to an apartment, were not downsizing, but rather right sizing and up styling.

87% of the respondents to the survey were working full time, with 36% single person households, 47% two person household and 11% families.


For more information about the research and to receive a full briefing, email

WAAA was formed in September 2016 and is the voice for people who choose apartments in WA.  It seeks to demonstrate the need for housing choice in WA and the role that apartments can play.

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