Say what you want

For PropertyESP, the last couple of months have really highlighted the need to have a dialogue with the general community about what they do want to see, when it comes to infill in Perth.

After recently working with a progressive metropolitan council, we were able to reflect on their vision for their City centre and it was clear that, despite their expectations, what was being delivered by developers was not in alignment with their long term intent.

This led to a discussion where the Council admitted that while the vision was alive internally, it wasn’t publicly understood outside of the organisation.

And that led to the staff considering, just how do we sell the sizzle to our community and beyond?

Another example is Lumiere in South Perth.  This lengthy battle, which was started by a small group of residents, has finally resulted in a positive outcome for developer Edge.  However, the residents who opposed this development (which was originally at 29 storeys) are now facing the likelihood of 34 storeys instead.

It appears that with this negativity occurring towards infill, we are witnessing delivery of outcomes that in fact compromises all parties.  If Edge was permitted to proceed with the original plans, I am sure that this would have been the preferred outcome for all parties.

While it is beginning to become accepted that apartments will undeniably be a part of Perth’s future, what developers, local authorities and planners are failing to do is engage with the people who support this concept to determine what it is they want to see.  What are the design elements, materials, height, activation at the street level, etc. that are appropriate for their community?

When faced with a prejudice or ignorance, it is the role of leaders to inform, educate and encourage dialogue.  And PropertyESP believes that through this process outcomes that are acceptable to, even welcomed by, all parties can be achieved.  And while some may consider this risky, we consider this as just good community development.

If you would like to discuss this concept further than contact Samantha Reece on 0452 067 177 because she is all about meaningful dialogue!